Can You Sell Your Houston House While in Bankruptcy?

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Selling a property while in bankruptcy can be overwhelming, but it offers relief to those who are facing serious debt. From this article you will learn if you can sell your property after filing one of the most common types of bankruptcy: Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Different Kinds of Bankruptcy Chapters

Know the Type of Bankruptcy You Should File

Chapter 7: Liquidation Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also called liquidation bankruptcy, helps individuals pay creditors through the sale of any assets that are not exempt. After the bankruptcy is discharged, you will still be liable for any other debts that were not covered.

Chapter 9: Bankruptcy for Municipalities

This type of bankruptcy applies only to municipalities. It allows municipalities to get protection from creditors while they devise a plan to reorganize and resolve debts.

Chapter 11: Debt Reorganization

This is a reorganization plan most often used by large businesses to reorganize their debts. It gives opportunities for businesses to keep operating while restructuring their finances to pay the bills and stay afloat.

Chapter 12: Bankruptcy for Family Farmers and Fishermen

This type of bankruptcy provides relief for family farmers and family fishermen in debt. It enables them to reorganize their debt and propose a seasonal repayment schedule over a three- to five-year period.

Chapter 13: Wage Earner’s Plan

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, individuals with a regular income use the wage they earn to repay all or parts of their debt in exchange for keeping their property. The individual must pay the mortgage under a three- to five-year settlement plan.

Chapter 15: Foreign Bankruptcy

This type involves international bankruptcy issues. It enables foreign debtors to gain access to U.S. bankruptcy courts and get protection for their assets in the States while they are engaged in foreign insolvency proceedings.

Here’s How to Sell Your House During Bankruptcy

What to Expect When Selling Your Property While in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Home-Selling Process After Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

During a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case, you will not be able to do anything with your property without the approval of the trustee and bankruptcy court.

You will need to file a formal Motion to Sell Real Property. Important details like the selling price and how you plan to go about the proceeds of the sale must be included. In some instances, a trustee will want to sell your home to generate cash for creditors. The trustee will also have to get the permission of the court.

Home-Selling Process After Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Work with an experienced lawyer who can help you complete a great deal of paperwork involved in selling your house while in Chapter 13. You must give your attorney enough time to negotiate the sale with your trustee.

Your lawyer will draft a Motion to Sell Real Property for approval by the bankruptcy court. It includes a proposal on how the proceeds from the sale will be distributed and used. Notice must also be given to all your creditors. Once this document is approved, the sale can move forward.

Deal With the Best Company that Buys Houses in Bankruptcy in Houston, Texas

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You’ll save time and money when selling to us, as we typically close deals within 3 to 30 days. We’ll work diligently to get the stress out of selling your home and get money in your pocket as soon as possible.

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You won’t have to suffer through frustrating delays caused by bank transactions. We don’t rely on traditional bank financing, as we have our own resources to purchase properties fast for cash. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we won’t back out at the last minute.

Straightforward, No-Fuss Transaction

We make the process easy for you by taking care of all the paperwork. We take out all the inconveniences of open houses or multiple showings by requiring only one brief walkaround to evaluate your property and make a no-obligation fair cash offer.

Close Fast Without Any Hidden Fees

There are no commissions nor any hidden fees when selling your home to us. We’ll relieve you of the burden of your property and its payments by closing fast at no cost to you. We’ll be responsible for closing costs and any other expenses associated with the transaction.


Should I Consider Selling My House Before Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Selling your home before filing for bankruptcy comes with a lot of risks, and it may get you in trouble with the courts if you do not follow specific guidelines. You have to ensure that you sell the property for legitimate purposes. Fraudulent acts – including any attempt to hide from or hinder creditors – will have dire consequences.

It’s best to go through the legal process. Once you get permission to sell your home, contact us and we’ll help you with a fast, easy, and convenient sale.

What Should I Expect When I Short Sell My House While in Bankruptcy?

There are certain instances when it makes sense to do a short sale of your house during bankruptcy. More often than not, it depends on the approval of the court trustee. It may be better to have a short sale on your record rather than a foreclosure, as it mitigates additional costs and fees. Consult with legal experts when seeking the approval of a bankruptcy court for the short sale.

We make the short sale process more convenient for you by working with leading short selling processing companies who can ensure a fast and sure transaction.

When Can I Sell My House After Filing for Bankruptcy?

You can sell your home immediately after the bankruptcy case is closed. Selling a home during bankruptcy, however, requires you to allot more time to get approval from the court. Consult with your attorney as different states have different laws on the timeline for selling a house while in bankruptcy. It may take sellers anywhere between thirty days to six months after filing for bankruptcy before they can sell their property.

We’ll be happy to give you a fair cash offer and guide you through the whole process once you obtain permission from the court to sell your home.

How Much Should I Pay a Trustee When Selling a House in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

A percentage of the monthly plan payment under Chapter 13 bankruptcy goes to the trustee. He or she uses the funds to cover the costs associated with running the office and administering the case. A bankruptcy trustee can only collect a maximum commission of 10 percent of your plan payment.

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