The Easiest Solution to Selling a House That Needs a Lot of Work AS IS in Houston, Texas

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The traditional housing market isn’t kind to run down houses. Although some buyers claim to want a fixer upper, a house that needs a lot of work won’t attract many offers. Additionally, making updates yourself can be a financial strain you can’t take on, and certain situations mean you need a quick sale. Instead of dealing with the difficulties that come with selling traditionally, you can sell as is to the real estate investors of Houston Cash Home Buyers. This route means you receive the best services and easy transaction process other homeowners have enjoyed for years.

How You Benefit With Us

No Surprise Costs

We value giving our customers a transparent and simple real estate transaction. This means selling to us comes with no surprise fees or other unexpected expenses.

No Repairs Required

As a company that buys houses in any condition, we can make an offer on your old house no matter the repairs that need to be made. Selling to us means that you skip any hassle necessary to make your home attractive or even livable again. Whether your house needs a new roof or extensive updates are needed, we would be happy to give you an offer.


We love helping each of our clients, who think they can’t sell their house in a short timeframe because of its poor condition, collect an all-cash offer sooner than they ever thought possible. Our streamlined process means you can officially part ways with your home in as little as 3 to 30 days.

Cash Payment

Because it takes a regular buyer time to be approved for a mortgage or put together the profit you’ve been promised, you could wait up to a month or more for them to get the money to pay you. With us, you normally sell your property just the next week after our visit, and sometimes in only 3 days. We put cash in your hands within 72 hours after our contract is signed.

We Buy Houses With Various Issues

Damaged by Fire

A fire can be a traumatic event that seriously damages or destroys your home. When you need to put together money to start again, selling your property as is could be your only option. We have extensive experience in buying and repairing what others view as difficult houses. Selling your fire damaged home is stress-free when you work with us.

Homes With Asbestos

Asbestos siding instantly sends up a red flag for buyers. While the mineral is harmless as long as it is undisturbed, the threat of inhaling asbestos fibers is serious enough for home inspections and professional removal to be needed to make your house a valid option to buyers. Removing asbestos from a property can be an expensive, stressful, and long process. However, we can make an offer on your home and handle removing the asbestos ourselves.

Structural and Foundation Problems

Because foundation and structural issues negatively affect your home’s resale value, you can spend thousands fixing the problems. Instead of taking on the financial risk by stretching your budget to its breaking point to pay for repairs yourself, you can take advantage of our real estate transaction process that saves you from worrying about any complications whatsoever. We can buy your house with structural or foundation issues and make repairs ourselves.


Not only will termites wreak your home’s structural integrity and stability, but your property’s termite history will also scare off buyers even after you’ve paid for all of the necessary inspections, exterminations, and repairs. When you need a sale as soon as possible, you can get necessary funds fast by selling to us. We’ll give you an offer regardless of any past or present termite problem.

Flooded, Moldy, Water Damaged

Your property is far from attractive to buyers when your home is flooded, water damaged, or mold infested. The good news is that we buy ugly or damaged houses that are hard sells on the traditional market. You can spend a pretty penny conducting inspections, repairs, regrowth prevention and remediation measures, and more to sell traditionally. Instead, you can turn your junk house into pure profit with Houston Cash Home Buyers.


Should I remodel my home before selling it?

If you’re selling through traditional means, making repairs yourself increases your odds of receiving a suitable offer on your home faster. Otherwise, you could wait months or even years to close a deal, seeing as most buyers want a home that is ready to live in.

When you don’t have time to spare or finances needed to make updates yourself, selling to a real estate investor is your best bet. This means you can sell your property as is quickly and easily. After buying your house, the real estate investor will see to making repairs themselves, then find a buyer interested in the renewed property.

Can the buyer sue the seller after buying a house?

Yes, you can, if you don’t disclose problems your property has or had in the past. But if the seller correctly follows Texas disclosure laws, the seller’s responsibility for a house ends after closing.

You are legally obligated to disclose any property defects or damages that you know of to the buyer during your real estate transaction. When all issues that can be found through a reasonable investigation are made known, and the disclosure form is signed, the new owner fairly assumes responsibility of any issues that come up later on after purchasing the property.

What is the term of the liability after selling a house in Texas?

If all of a property’s issues are included in a disclosure agreement, the home seller’s liability ends when the property officially exchanges hands. Cases of fraud are exceptions to this rule. Because the Texas statute of limitations is 4 years, a buyer can file a claim to the court during the 4 year time period after the sale. Disclosing every known issue to your buyer means defects discovered later are the new owner’s responsibility.

What do you have to disclose when selling a house in Houston, TX?

Texas disclosure laws require all property defects to be declared to the buyer. If the seller failed to disclose defects such as structural damage, termite problems, asbestos, needed foundation repairs, or similar issues, the buyer can bring a lawsuit against the seller.

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