Selling a Rental Property with Sitting Tenants in Houston Is as Easy as 1-2-3

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So you’ve decided that it’s time to sell your rental property because it has become such a burden. Problem is, bad tenants are still living in the home. Selling a home with tenants can be challenging and frustrating, but we’ll show you the options to consider if you want to effectively let go of being a landlord.

This Is How You Can Sell a House, Apartment, or Condo with Tenants in Situ

3 Options Available to Landlords When Selling Their Tenanted House

#1 Let the Lease Expire Before Selling

If you have tenants on a lease, you may just opt to wait for the tenancy to expire. You won’t have to deal with terrible tenants refusing showings, plus you’ll be able to make upgrades to the property and get a better selling price. But this won’t work for landlords who have pressing deadlines. It takes time to prepare the property for sale, and you will still have mortgage costs to pay while the property is vacant.

#2 Have Your Tenant Face Eviction

Evicting tenants when selling the house is also another option, but the process can be very complicated and time-consuming. You’ll have to follow strict laws and ensure that you give proper notice. The task is very difficult since many laws favor the tenant over the landlord. Besides the legal hassles and the financial stress, there’s always that risk that sitting tenants will get angry and do more damage to the property.

#3 Begin the Selling Process While Tenants Are Still in the Home

Selling a rental property with tenants can work to your advantage if the tenants cooperate and make the house presentable and appealing to buyers. It will do more harm than good if the tenants in the home do not take care of the property, refuse viewings, and make it difficult for you to sell.

Sell Your House with Tenants with the Best Company in Houston, Texas

If you’re a landlord selling a house with tenants, you don’t have to deal with a long eviction process and spend a lot to fix the property up. Houston Cash Home Buyers can do all this for you. We can get your tenanted house sold quickly and efficiently at no cost to you.

We are professional cash home buyers who have worked with landlords in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas who have benefitted from our straightforward sales process.

Enjoy Stress-Free Transaction

You won’t be bothered by multiple showings that may cause inconveniences to tenants in situ. All it takes is one fast walkaround for us to make a fair valuation of your property and give you a guaranteed, no-obligation cash offer in 24 hours. We take the stress off your back by taking care of all the paperwork.

Make a Quick House Sale

We understand how badly you want to sell your house fast but have tenants that are making it difficult for you to achieve a quick sale. Working with the fastest cash house buyers in the area means we can get you to close within 3 to 30 days, regardless of the lease expiration date.

Receive Cash for Your Home

We are experts who will not only deal with rental properties with tenants in place but also make the selling process more convenient for you. We will buy your house for cash, freeing you of the anxieties of waiting for mortgage approval. We use our own finances to close deals quickly and get the rental property out of your hands.

Why Fix Your Home When You Can Sell It As Is?

Got a condo or duplex that has been damaged by tenants in residence? Or is your rental property occupied by a section 8 tenant? You won’t have to deal with the troubles any longer. We can make you an all-cash offer to buy your home in ‘as-is’ condition, without demanding you to make repairs.

House Selling Without the Hidden Fees

With us, you’ll get to save money that would have otherwise been spent on expensive agent commissions. You won’t be surprised by any hidden fees or deductions from your profit. We handle all closing costs and other fees associated with the sale and give you your clear-cut profit as soon as possible.


Should I Skip Sending a Letter to Notify the Tenant of My Intent to Sell the Property?

It is the responsibility of the landlord to keep constant communication lines and notify the tenants of the sale of a property. This can be done through a formal letter that includes important details such as how showings will be scheduled, when the home will be listed, and all the things that will happen when the home sells. Sharing all the facts will give tenants time to prepare and the confidence that their rights are protected.

If you choose to sell your property to us, we’ll take care of the process for you and professionally deal with tenants so you won’t have to go through any hassle.

Are There Ways to Make Showing of My House with Tenants to Buyers Easier?

Showing a rental property with tenants in place can be very tricky, but there are methods that you can try to get your tenant to cooperate and make the house more desirable to potential buyers. Maintaining good, clean, and honest conversations is one way to gain their support. You can also offer incentives in exchange for a well-kept home during showings.

Houston Cash Home Buyers will not require multiple showings. We’ll only need a quick walkaround to appraise the property. Once your house is sold to us, we’ll assume all responsibilities and take care of the succeeding viewings with prospective buyers.

How Do I Deal with Tenants if They Have the Right Not to Allow Access for Viewings?

The landlord selling the house or apartment is the owner and has full rights to the property. But he or she still has to consider the rights of the tenant and be extra careful during the sale process. It’s essential to respect their privacy and schedule viewings in a manner that is convenient for both parties. There are options for dealing with tenants who are refusing viewings and this may include offering to pay them to vacate the property.

We only require one viewing to assess the property. Once a deal is closed, we’ll take care of reminding tenants and dealing with them for successive viewings.

What if the Tenant Destroyed My Rental Property?

A landlord must be fully aware of his or her rights to effectively deal with a tenant who destroys rental property. Take photos of the damage so you can use it as evidence in case legal action against the terrible renter is required. You can evict the problem tenants or demand that they pay for the destroyed house, but make sure to seek legal help and follow landlord-tenant laws.

Doing business with us means you won’t have to worry about repairs or additional fees. We’ll buy your property as-is, even if it’s in poor condition and is occupied by nightmare tenants.

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