This Is How to Sell a House With a Lien in Houston, Texas

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Selling a house with a lien attached makes the already difficult process of quickly finding a buyer even more complicated. This article describes your available options to make exchanging your property for necessary income a more simple, fast-moving process no matter the debt attached to your home.

These Tips Can Make Selling a Home With a Lien Against It Easy

Selling a Property That Has a Lien on It? Follow These Simple Steps

#1 Determine Your Home’s Market Value

Your first step to selling your property with a lien attached is to find your home’s market value, which is affected by encumbrances like a mortgage and existing state or federal tax liens. Once you have an estimate in mind, you can then find a realtor who knows your area to list your property.

#2 Obtain a Suitable Offer and Accept it

Factors like your local market’s speed, your list price, and your property itself determine how soon you can receive and accept an offer. You may need to make your property presentable, market your listing with open houses and tours, and put in more work to attract a buyer.

However, dealing with a lien issue means making expensive renovations or repairs may not be a valid option for your budget. But when a condo or townhouse has seen better days or an apartment building needs costly renovations, buyers can simply move on to the next listing. That said, snagging an offer on a problematic property can feel next to impossible.

#3 Sign Transfer Documents and Settle Tax Obligations

When you receive an offer, you need to attend the closing so you can sign transfer documents in person. The closing attorney will require a certified check from you to cover liens and other transaction expenses that won’t be paid off with the buyer’s funds.

#4 Call Lien Holders to Confirm Payment

Lastly, you will need to contact lien holders to confirm that they’ve received payment. In a similar vein, check the county deed books to make sure it’s on record that you’ve paid off your liens.

The Go-To Company for Selling Houses With Liens in Houston, Texas

If you’re selling a house with a tax lien against it, you can receive a cash offer without investing endless hours of effort. As the most reliable cash house buyer in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas, Houston Cash Home Buyers can give you a fast-paced and effortless transaction.

Forget About Repairs – Just Sell As Is

Houston Cash Home Buyers can give you a straightforward money amount no matter your property’s condition. We’ll include the estimated cost of repairs in our offer and save you from dealing with any due diligence period or multiple property appraisals.

Fast Track the Selling Process

When you call us instead of using other methods to sell a property with taxes owed, you don’t waste months or longer waiting to close a deal. Our transactions conveniently conclude within an average timeframe of 3 to 30 days.

Sell Your Home for Cash

You don’t have to worry about our deal not panning out due funding not being secured, because we don’t rely on conventional mortgage approval to buy properties. We use pre-approved funds, so you can quickly receive cash for your property.

Transact With Us Without the Hassle

The last thing you need is more stress when you’re dealing with back taxes or other complications. We only need one property tour to give you an offer and a stress-free transaction, and we’ll settle all paperwork and problems ourselves.

Get Your Payment in Full – No Hidden Fees!

Selling your property to Houston Cash Home Buyers means you avoid paying out of pocket for any commissions, closing costs, or other fees. We take care of all costs associated with selling your home for your benefit.


Will a Lien Affect the Sale of a House?

Existing debt can lead to a property lien being filed against your house by creditors, contractors who weren’t paid for construction, and other parties. For example, if child support is owed, you could also end up with lien complications that make selling your property more difficult.

You can try negotiating with the lien issuer to pay back part of what you owe. Likewise, you could attempt persuading a buyer to take on the lien themselves, but few buyers will be interested.

The amount you receive for your property will go toward paying off the debt. Other resulting expenses like closing costs can also take away from your funds.

The good news is that Houston Cash Home Buyers guarantees an offer no matter if your property comes with delinquent taxes, an IRS lien, or any other kind of lien. Plus, we typically close deals on properties within 3 to 30 days.

Will I Have a Hard Time Selling My House if I Have a Judgment?

Because a judgement lien stays attached to the property, banks can see granting interested buyers funding to make an offer as too risky of a move. Few buyers will even be interested in a property with a judgement lien, and even fewer have enough money on hand to finance the deal without conventional funding methods.

Fortunately, Houston Cash Home Buyers doesn’t need mortgage approval. Because we use hard money lenders and pre-approved funds, we’re ready to make an offer. When you sell a home with a judgement lien to us, you can receive much needed cash and settle your debt fast.

How to Sell a Home With an SBA Loan Lien?

When a business owner uses their home as collateral for a Small Business Administration loan, the lender can file a lien on the property to pay off the owner’s debt. This type of property lien is called an SBA Loan Lien, which could lead to you facing foreclosure.

Although it is possible to sell your property with an SBA Loan Lien, quickly finding a buyer interested in taking on the lien with the house can feel nearly impossible. However, Houston Cash Home Buyers can make you an offer on your property with any kind of lien attached after only one walkaround.

Ideas on How to Sell a House With a Medicaid Lien?

To sell a house with a Medicaid lien, you may need to negotiate the lien’s terms. If there’s equity left, then the house can be sold, and the resulting funds may cover the debt. You may find yourself making costly home repairs, organizing multiple property tours, and investing your valuable money and time trying to secure a buyer.

To make selling your property easier, calling Houston Cash Home Buyers. We can negotiate the lien’s terms for your benefit and resolve other complications so settling debts and selling real estate can be smooth and fast-paced.

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