Quickly Sell Your House in Houston Whether Moving Abroad or Relocating for a Job

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If you’re moving to start a new job or any other reason, you don’t want to waste any time in selling your home. Whether you’re heading down the road or going abroad, you want to sell your house ASAP and without extra stress. Luckily, these tips can help you sell your house fast.

Ways to Sell Your House Fast Before Moving

Guaranteed Home Buyout Option

In a guaranteed home buyout program, you negotiate a contract with a buyout company and then list your home either through an agent or as a FSBO (for sale by owner) for a specified amount of time. The buyout company can be your new employer or a relocation company. Real estate agents also offer home buyouts to attract clients who can afford to have their home sit on the market.

If the house hasn’t sold by the end of the listing period, the buyout company purchases your home for the price negotiated in the contract. The buyout ensures your home sells within a definite time frame, but there are downsides. A guaranteed home buyout option usually means selling your house for under the market value. The contracts can also be confusing and often include hidden fees.

Call Houston Cash Home Buyers for Fast Home Selling

If you’re moving and need to sell your house fast, it can be hard to know what the best options are. One of the fastest and safest ways to sell property quickly is with a reputable real estate investment company, like Houston Cash Home Buyers.

Year after year, we’ve proven ourselves to be the best home buying company in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. No matter why you’re moving or where you’re moving to, we can help you sell your home fast.

Sell Your Property Quickly

With a guaranteed home buyout, you have to wait while your house sits on the market. You get your money when it sells or when the wait time is over. Working with our investors, you can sell your property fast. If the property has no complications or legal issues, the transaction can be completed in as little as three days.

Sell Your Home As Is

Our team buys any property AS IS, no matter the condition. There’s no need to spend money on expensive repairs or renovation. You never have to wait for appraisals and there’s absolutely no due diligence period. Once we complete a quick walkthrough, we’ll make you an offer for your home exactly as it stands.

Get Cash for Your Home

Selling on the market is never a certain process, and many deals fall through when potential buyers can’t get approved for a mortgage. There’s no uncertainty when you sell to our company. We’ll make a cash offer for your property. There’s no wait for mortgage approval, so you can walk away with your money in no time flat.

Convenient, Fuss-Free Selling

When you sell to our company, you skip all of the hassle that comes with selling on the real estate market. We take care of all the bureaucracy that comes with selling a property, so you can concentrate on the big move. Selling to us means no showings, no open houses and no back and forth negotiations with potential buyers.

How to Sell Your House When Relocating for a Job

If you’re thinking of selling your home for a job relocation, you’ll be pleased to know that many companies offer relocation incentives. In fact, about 70% of US employers offer relocation incentives for workers, whether they’re current employees or new hires.

Most companies will pay for the moving costs, either entirely or in part. These costs typically include professional moving companies, packaging and shipping supplies and either airline tickets or gas reimbursement.

If you’re moving somewhere with a higher costing housing market, the company may even give you money for a down payment on a new property. Large companies also offer highly qualified recruits a relocation package that includes a buyout of their current home.

When a company offers a buyout program, they’ll usually want you to do everything in your power to sell your home on the market first. This means either working with a real estate agent or creating a FSBO listing. Once the house is listed, you’ll have to sign a contract with an agreed upon buyout price. This price is usually the average value made by two or more reputable appraisers, but it’s often below what you would get on the market.

Is Moving Out of State a Smart Move Before Selling My House?

When you’re facing a move to another state, it can be tempting to put off selling your property for another time. Although this might seem like the easiest option at the time, selling your house after you move states has its downsides.

First of all, if you don’t sell before you move, you’ll have to pay twice the amount in housing costs. That means double the taxes, double the mortgage payments and double the utility bills. On top of that, you might also be paying fees to your real estate agent and paying for any possible renovations.

Secondly, if you don’t sell before your move, you’ll have to deal with the stress of selling while you’re getting accommodated in your new location. No one wants to schedule viewings or look through lengthy contracts when they’re stressed about starting a new job.

Luckily, our real estate investment team means selling your house and moving out of state has never been easier. We offer one of the fastest real estate transactions around, so you don’t have to wait to get money for your property.

How Can I Sell My House Fast While Living Abroad?

Selling up and moving abroad is exciting, but sometimes you just don’t have time to sell before the big move. Unfortunately, trying to sell your property on the real estate market from abroad can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Working with a real estate agent from another country can entail countless video meetings and phone calls. When you’re in another time zone, this can mean sleepless nights or extremely early mornings. Trying to communicate your needs from another country is difficult and can often be expensive.

If you’re living abroad and need to sell your property back in the states, then working with a real estate investment company is the safest and easiest option. Houston Cash Home Buyers will view your property and make you an offer within 24 hours of the walkthrough. Once you accept the offer, you simply sign the purchase contract while a trusted person in Houston completes the closing ASAP.

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