The Easiest Solution to Selling a Water Damaged House in Houston, Texas

houston water damage and mold

You need to sell your home. But buyers don’t seem to be interested in your house until all the mold and water damage issues have been fixed. What do you do?

How Water Damage or Mold Problems Complicate the Sale

The very first inconvenience you face is the need to repair all water damage before your house is listed for sale. And if your homeowner’s insurance has previously denied your claim, those repairs are your responsibility.

Leaking water often causes another serious issue—mold. Most people will walk away from black mold in a house for sale. Even a light smell of mildew quickly discourages potential buyers.

Just cleaning up the mold is not enough. The underlying condition has to be fixed. For instance, water in a basement will eventually result in mold growing in the basement. The water could be coming from leaking pipes, foundation settling, or poor lot drainage. Throwing a cheap dehumidifier in the basement will not satisfy a competent home inspector.

But even if you make every recommended repair, you need to disclose any water damage or mold to a potential buyer. And buyers tend to pass over houses with mold issues—worrying about a recurrence.

The Alternative

There is an option that allows you to skip expensive repairs. You don’t have to depend upon a realtor to sell your house after you make all fixes. Instead, consider selling your home in its current condition to a company of real estate investors that buy houses for cash. An investor will buy your property in a matter of days, and will handle all paperwork themselves.

In Houston, Texas and its surrounding areas, Houston Cash Home Buyers is your best option to sell your house As Is. For decades, we have helped many homeowners facing water damage or mold issues, as well as other problems. We deal even with severely damaged and destroyed properties. Our investors will help you sell your house quickly and for cash.

Why Clients Choose Us


Even if a house passes an inspection with no issues found, selling through a realtor takes time. Selling your house—with the water damage repaired and disclosed—will take much more time. And there’s no guarantee that you will find a buyer at all.

You can sell your house quickly to us. Because of our simple process, the time between our cash offer and closing is typically 3 to 30 days.

No Repairs Required

Is there water in your basement? Does your house have a strong mildew smell? No need to stress over any water damage or mold. When you accept our cash offer, we accept your house in any condition.

We buy your house AS IS. If your property has spongy gray sheetrock, black mold on the floor joists, or any other water damage—it’s not your problem. It’s ours. You don’t have to worry about such issues when you sell to us. We fix it and we pay for it. You will not need to make any repairs and even cleaning.

Cash Payment

Paying with cash greatly simplifies any real estate transaction. There’s no loan approval and no appraisal, for instance. In a traditional real estate sale you have to wait for your money—even after the closing is completed. You don’t have to wait for your money with us. We pay you in cash at closing.


In a traditional real estate sale you have to pay approximately 6% of fees to your and your buyer’s realtors. And then you have a closing cost estimate that you will have to pay too. These fees are expected. But if you’ve ever sold a property through a realtor, you can remember one hidden fee after another. Each one cutting into the money you have left from selling your house.

We have no hidden fees. All of our costs are included into our cash offer. The amount specified in it is the cash you will walk away with.

Individual Approach

Unlike a traditional real estate transaction, when you sell your house to us you only work with us. You are not waiting on your realtor who is waiting on the buyer’s realtor who is waiting on a home inspector, etc.

We won’t make you wait. We personalize our service for your particular needs. Our service is transparent and quick. We make it easy for you to sell your house.


How do I sell my home with water damage?

The answer depends on whether you are willing to make the repairs. In a house that has been flooded those repairs could be extensive. In a house with a wet basement making the fixes could be easier.

To fix the problems and sell the house with a realtor is the hard way, which is also the long way. A contractor has to be hired to repair the damage. And a realtor has to be hired to sell the house. This option requires time and in many situations can be stressful.

To make no repairs and sell the house AS IS to a cash house buyer is the easy way, which is also the fastest one. In this instance, no contractor or real estate agent is hired. The house is sold in its current condition for cash. And the transaction can be completed in just a few days.

Should I disclose black mold or water damage problems while selling my property in Texas?

Any water penetration through a leaky basement, a leaky roof, or other location must be disclosed by the seller to the buyer in the state of Texas. A leaky basement not disclosed would violate the “Seller’s Disclosure Notice” required by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Question 4 asks, “Are you (Seller) aware of any of the following conditions?” And one of those conditions is “Water Penetration”.

The TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) also requires disclosure of previous flooding or the location of a property within a flood zone. Under Question 4 the conditions that relate to flooding are “Previous Flooding” and “Located in 100-Year Floodplain”.

The TREC does require disclosure of “Hazardous or Toxic Waste,” But nowhere in the document does the TREC require any disclosure of toxic mold.

Err on the side of caution. Even if not required, disclose all past or present problems to a potential buyer to avoid a lawsuit after the sale.

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